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24 thoughts on “Basketball fans and atmosphere USA vs Europe

  1. While I do agree that the Europeans have a better "vibe" and fan atmosphere at the games that doesn't mean that they have more passion for the game of basketball itself. When it comes to hooping tradition and die hard hoopers who truly love the game America has them beat. From the famous Venice beach courts in California to Rucker Park in NY.

  2. Us Maryland fans have the best crowds in college basketball. Nobody and I mean nobody is better. They should be the ones in NBA2K instead of Michigan and Arizona.

  3. its true. i have been in nba, nfl games… and let me add than i had fun, beyond that nothing else the love and feeling of fans for their team was soft cold ….sad.

  4. i feel pity for this "country" called USA, where the money rules and if you don't have it, you are nothing. they have nothing. no culture, no history, nothing.

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