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40 thoughts on “Best Sports Moments (USA)

  1. "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, YES!!!!" Still remember and love hear my dad tell me stories about him and my grandpa were in the living breaking down after they beat the Soviets

  2. The greatest moment in American sports history was the Miracle on Ice game. Every time I watch that video I am afraid the Soviets will tie it up late.

    One other great thing is that Al Michaels who was calling the game for ABC just let the picture and the crowd tell the story. He shouted his famous "Do you believe in miracles? YES!" as the clock counted down to zero and then kept his mouth shut. Too many announcers today would have tried to come up with some relevant commentary and made themselves the story. Michaels allowed the story to be the story.

    Donovan's injury time goal in 2010 was an awesome moment and as a soccer fan it is my favorite. But to be truthful, soccer does not have a strong hold on the national consciousness yet. I was working in London and had to search for a pub showing the US game (as England was having their final group game the same time and the pubs by my office were showing that game). I found a pub in Southwark owned by an American that was showing it. I have no actual memory of watching the goal go in. I remember seeing Donovan running up on the ball and then I blacked out — my next memory was jumping up and down hugging some stranger with a beard and screaming.

    I went back to my office where some of my English coworkers who had been giving me a hard time all day and they were expecting me to give them a hard time. I just walked up and said "There was my wedding day. There were the days my children were born. And there is today."

  3. I really enjoyed this except honorable mentions ,, instead of the Fail Mary you should have had the NFC championship where GB blew the 16 point lead. You showed a big papa fight but not the Coco Crisp one. Also no Boise St fiesta bowl?? What about Cuse vs Uconn 6 ot game?? You have the miracle on Ice but you don't have Alex the great losing to Rulon Gardner? Jimmy Vs NC State?? What about that Ewing GTown team that got upset? Ray Allens shot in game 6 against San Antonio?? Could have done a little better but still an awesome video.

  4. This needs to be updated Lebrons block Kyrie shot Steph curry game winner on the thunder cp3 game 7 game winner on spurs Odell beckom one handed catch Kobe last game winner butler interception in the super bowl

  5. I heard about this new sport they just invented where people skate around ice and try to score goals. Obviously the creator of this video has never heard of it

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