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Bills vs. Eagles | NFL Preseason Week 2 Game Highlights

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Check out Week 2 highlights of the Buffalo Bills battling the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2017 NFL Preseason.

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44 thoughts on “Bills vs. Eagles | NFL Preseason Week 2 Game Highlights

  1. I'm predicting that everyone who played well last year, plays well again. Agholor plays with improvements but nothing super crazy. Barnette turns out to be great. Hollins does well. Douglas struggles, pumphrey struggles if not get injuried, clement struggles if picked. Blount, smith, and alshon are alll hit or miss. I think smith will do OK and Alshon inconsistently very good, and Blount does alright but not as great as people expect. Overall I think if the free agency picks don't do as well as hoped, the eagles do slightly better than last year with an 8-8 record, however if they play to their expectations I still only think eagles will go 10-6 with a possibility of wild card with Giants being number one in the NFC east

  2. I watched all of this game and Carson Wentz played like a rookie. 6/9 for 56 yards. Couple of over throws and passes behind the receivers and a dink and dunk here and there. Nothing to see. This win was because of Philly's defense.

  3. "Sit down, son" Dang right. If I'm a coach, I'm looking for smart plays like that; not a self-glory attempt at the end of the game for no good reason. Unnecessary risks are the ultimate sin of high-level competition.

  4. This Eagles defense is nasty. Great oline, great receivers, stable running backs, if all goes well and Wentz does his thang….they might just make a Super Bowl. As far as my bills, we have no depth. Please god no innuries

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