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40 thoughts on “College Basketball’s Best Shooter: Micah Mason

  1. Hey Guys great video, I loved your breakdown of his shot, come and take a look at my shooting videos including 40 POINT GAMES, crazy shooting videos and more!

    Thanks for the support and god bless

  2. One of the greatest pure shooters to come out of college in a long time. Hard to know if he has enough other game to make the NBA though. He's short (generously listed at 6'2"), slow, an average passer/defender and not a natural point guard even at the college level. If he was 5"-6" taller he'd be at a bigger program and a real draft prospect. Definitely has a career in Europe if he wants it but in the US I just see him bouncing in and out of the D-league and summer league for a few years. He'd have to land in just the right situation to make it to the NBA where he probably could surprise people and make an unexpected impact as a role player off the bench. Poor man's Jimmer Fredette.

  3. Coach I was wondering, when you turn, is it best to be squared first and then turn in the air, to be slightly turned and turn even more in the air or to be turned already on the ground and then not turn even more?

  4. what do all the great shooters have in common? they all have their elbow directly under the ball. they also don't bring the ball directly over their head like every other typical nba player. i'm talking nash, Kerr, Curry,etc. here's the proof – Nash: highest ft% ALL TIME. Kerr: highest 3pt% ALL TIME. Curry: highest ft% last season, as well as most 3pt shots last season

  5. I hate how all u emphasize is shooting if ur quick strong and athletic able to jump and pass and make layups then you can easily be a quality player… Athleticism and the ability to get fouled and make layups is more important than shooting PERIOD.

  6. coach, i feel like i use too much thumb on my shot. i want to do the finger release but my thumb pushes the ball out. is there a good solution for this? please help, i really want to improve my shooting ability

  7. +proshotshootingsystem hey coach, after using the pullup jumper i counter by shot faking and pivoting like kobe bryant does. if I use the hop on my pullup jumper would it be considered a travel if I pivot spin like

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