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Do Manchester United Have The Most Complete Squad In World Football?! | W&L

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Manchester United have started their best season in over 100 years! But do they actually have the best team in the world right now?!

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35 thoughts on “Do Manchester United Have The Most Complete Squad In World Football?! | W&L

  1. I'm a united fan, And all this optimism is killing me, Take one game at a time, and for most complete squad definitely not. Real Madrid & PSG has that. but a few more signings and we'll be up there

  2. De Gea is the only world class player in their team, Mourinho makes them play well. They won't be able to cope against the top sides, offering Pogba and Lukaku as your best players just isn't good enough.

  3. Man Utd has most complete squad in Premiere League.
    But Real Madrid has the most complete squad in the world. Without any second doubt⚽️⚽️⚽️
    Especially Luka Modric(wooooooowwwwwww…. Magic⚽️).

  4. I'm a Chelsea fan but people shouldn't give Arsenal a lot of shit for losing to Stoke
    (Don't get me wrong, giving them a little bit of shit is good!)
    Stoke are very much like Burnley, they are solid at home and it's hard to win away to them

  5. Spurs loss isn't on Lloris. Lots of people blaming him, but the real blame goes to Poch and Wanyama. Wanyama was atrocious all game. Worst player on the pitch. His touches ruined at least four chances and gave up that ball at the end where Alonso eventually scored. I couldn't believe it when Sissoko came on for Dier instead of Wanyama. I would have gotten Wanyama out of there around '55-'60. Lloris probably should have made the save, but they should have never been in that spot to begin with. Wanyama looked lost with the ball at his feet all day.

  6. I think Rashford should play at the beginning of the game and
    Make the opposition tired and then for the last 30 mins of the game
    Man it'd should bring in Martial to finish the job and bang in goals at the end.

  7. People are getting carried away with man united. They've played no one of any note and when they came up against the team to beat in world football in Real Madrid they looked average. Let's see where everyone is come Christmas time

  8. Did anyone see how empty the Emptyhad was last night? hahaha as for rest of the league you have no history no fan base and no chance of beating us this year so stop been bitter and watch United fill there stadium every week and play some silky football! haha GGMU!

  9. That first fact is not right. Manchester United scored 8 goals in there first 2 games in the 2006/07 season (5-1 and 3-0). The correct fact is that it's the first time ever that Manchester United have had a goal difference of +8 after the first two game of the season. Sorry lads

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