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Every Cardale Jones Play vs. New Orleans | Saints vs. Chargers | Preseason Wk 2 Player Highlights

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Don’t miss Week 2 highlights of Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Cardale Jones taking on the New Orleans Saints during the 2017 NFL Preseason.

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45 thoughts on “Every Cardale Jones Play vs. New Orleans | Saints vs. Chargers | Preseason Wk 2 Player Highlights

  1. OL looked bad ALL day. I understand most of the starters did not play but the depth is scary bad. You cant even get a sample of WR or the QB's. One thing I noticed about Jones so far is he needs to step up in the pocket. He could have avoided pressure a few times if he did.

  2. Chargers need a couple receivers that are true speed threats who can catch the ball and actually hold onto it. That offensive line is exceptionally offensive, phew! Rivers is going to get killed out there. Oh well, at least it's a dry heat.

  3. Rivers gone be looking the same too that line chargers line trash almost as bad as the browns last year cardale looks like he can make the throws tho besides the almost pick six everthing else was on target the wr either dropped it or the db made a great play

  4. Poor cardell Jones. He's a good Quarterback he really is. He won a national title and played great in college. He can play in the NFL he can. When he has time and protection he's a pro bowl type of player. All this man needs is a chance

  5. I love how everyone criticizes the offensive line.  Look at how the D for the Saints lined up and you will notice they put 8 or 9 men in the box and showed blitz-like formations for a majority of the game.  A young QB needs time to read the Def pre-snap, see the D cheating up and audible his receivers into a better route.  This isn't going to happen in the preseason.  Some QBs never figure out how to push the D off the line.  Hopefully the coaching staff got some good looks on tape for how the offense as a whole can check out of plays against a heavy blitz formation.  Otherwise, it will be a long season for any one at QB for the Chargers.  I would say, they will get it right.  The Chargers are realistically a 9 win team at best this year.  The Saints are going to get destroyed by the rest of the NFC South.  This was almost a useless preseason matchup.

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