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Funny Baseball Bloopers of 2015, Volume Four

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“Paris ain’t much of a town.” – Babe Ruth

Unofficial. These satirical mashups are not monetized. If you like what you see, please consider a donation to RBI (“Reviving Baseball in Inner cities”). Original video footage created by MLB; song listings are as follows:

00:18 The Mountain Goats – This Year
05:04 The Mountain Goats – Amy AKA Spent Gladiator 1
08:37 The Hold Steady – Girls Like Status

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35 thoughts on “Funny Baseball Bloopers of 2015, Volume Four

  1. Wow 68% of you guys are retarded you should never slide into first base you run through it to be able to get to the bag faster and not have to stop so fast obviously you guys know nothing about baseball

  2. Horribly inappropriate use of the Mountain Goats. "This Year" is about child abuse, dude. It's about, in JD's words, "the feeling you get when you hear your abuser died." There are times and places for these things, and baseball bloopers is not one of them.

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