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40 thoughts on “Greatest Trick Plays in Football History

  1. Great video! I love to see a good trick play executed. Glad to see Albert Wilson's 55 yd run on the punt fake vs the Falcons, but an even more amazing play happened 3 weeks later when 346 lb DT Donte Poe threw a Tim Tebow-inspired jump pass to TE Demetrius Harris in the back of the end zone over the Broncos. Great play.

  2. The last one: He barely moves a few centimeters lol. He just ran into him, is all. How the fuck he managed to do that, I have no idea.
    If you doubt me, watch the line and the feet/body of the guy getting "forklifted" acccording to the commentators. Still the quarterback faceplants first into the middle of his back. What the actual fuck?

  3. 11:01 the guy literally got his helmet pulled off by someone on the other team. Is that not a penalty?

    EDIT: and it bounced right into his cheek/jaw. Kinda shocked no one called it.

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