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17 thoughts on “Hockey “Best Sport In The World” (HD)

  1. American Football is only played in America, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, and Futbol (Soccer) are all played around the world. Futbol might be the most popular, but in my opinion, Hockey is the best sport in the WORLD! Hockey is played in North America, Northern Europe, Russia and other places in Asia, and there's even a team in Kenya.

  2. Hockey sucks for these reasons: You can't see the puck, It's cold, the field is small, you get bored easily, no music like in a basketball game, and btw u Canadians should stick to soccer

  3. Maybe not the best sport in the world, but definitely the fastest and most action packed team sport in the world. Unless you understand the tactics of this game, and can anticipate the scoring chances, it will look like total chaos and a bunch of guys skating in circles and knocking each other down for no reason. Canadians appreciate this game because so many grew up coached in it's complex tactics and subtleties, the rest of the world has no clue what is going on in an ice hockey game.

  4. Hockey is the best sport because it is more intense, and it is an edge of your seat sport with constant action that requires passion to play. Hockey combines many athletic components where individuals do many different things to affect the game. The other two sports do not combine the need of speed, physicality and concentration like hockey does. Hockey takes teamwork in a way where every players ability has to come together to create a team that competes more as unit to win games than in baseball. Lastly hockey is a higher energy game to watch, play, and enjoy.

  5. Hockey is the best sport in our opinion. Hockey is interesting to watch because it is a fast paced, action packed game. Hockey has fights, saves, goal scoring, hits and celebrations. When you get to the playoffs or win the Stanley cup, you know you have achieved something great, and proves that you and your teammates are the most skilled team in the world. This national sport is not some easy game anyone can play. It takes hard work and dedication to get good, and that just gives the game and the players even more respect. That is why hockey is the best sport.

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