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Hockey Goalie Training – Butterfly Slide (Weight Transfer)

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Just a brief example of how to perform a butterfly slide, using your weight to prevent your edge from slipping out from under you.

At first there are a couple examples of trying to slide without using the weight transfer. You can see that it’s hard to get anywhere solely using your leg.

To perform the BF slide properly, bring your pushing leg up, and get your shoulders slightly over it. As you push, transfer your weight to the other side (note the shoulder movement).

Also note, I was so concentrated on the weight transfer I let the rest of my form falter for the first couple reps, as you get more comfortable with it remember to snap in your trailing leg to cover your 5hole, and always be cognizant of proper hand positioning. (In this video I’m mostly using the “blocking” technique for a close proximity shot. For shots further out, you want to have your hands out and ready to react).

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