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Stop spraying your volleys all over the place, and for goodness’ sake, stop SWINGING at them! Volleys should be the simplest part of your game, but MOST players overcomplicate the technique and turn their net game into a liability. Don’t be MOST players – here’s how you can cut the unnecessary stuff like Dennis and turn your your volleys into a consistent weapon…

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6 thoughts on “HOW TO STOP SWINGING AT YOUR VOLLEYS – Lesson + Drills

  1. Essential tennis, I need advice when I play matches against other players on my team I can't win because I'm finding it difficult to return their serves and ground strikes because they keep on hitting high balls like 10 ft or higher and I don't know what to do. And yes our coach doesn't care how we serve as long as it gets in so they just hit it sort of like an overhead but more like a volley they just do it the easy open face all the way and it falls short.

  2. Can you do a video on where is the best spot on the service line to do serves ? Or about the advantages and disadvantages of serving at specific spots?

  3. I notice alot of club players swing at volleys at such high rate of speed most hit them way out or into the net. I don't understand where they saw this technique and it's really hard for them to change too.
    Volleys should be feel n touch n control to place the ball. I feel most comfortable coming to the net and volley especially playing against baseline hitters or even fellow volleyers it makes the game much more enjoyable.

  4. This channel alone has helped me improve my game substantially. You guys are proof that you don't need a hands on coach to get better. I very much appreciate the free videos you provide on this channel!

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