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Kaka gets red card for putting hands on opponent’s face

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Who got a red card this weekend? Watch Instant Replay as’s Simon Borg brings you the most controversial and talked-about plays from Week 23 of the 2017 MLS regular season.

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34 thoughts on “Kaka gets red card for putting hands on opponent’s face

  1. I think the Imperiale yellow was a great call. You see how Andrew Tarbell came out to claim the ball and would've gotten there ahead of Erick "Cubo" Torres or would've closed down his angle enough to not score. DOGSO yellow.

  2. At 5:30 the foul was before the attacking phase begun, the attacking phase doesn't start until "a team starts the attacking move toward the opposition's penalty area", until Dallas got the ball in the center circle it wasn't the attacking phase because it was a back pass from Columbus.

  3. That penalty in the Columbus Chicago game was a bad call. Simon goes "it's not a 50/50 ball and the keeper goes through him to win the ball" the keeper gets more than finger tips to the ball he gets a full hand to it! And there is no way for the keeper to stop his forward momentum to not go through the striker after getting a full hand on the ball

  4. Refereeing question: if a player commits a foul which the ref would give him a second yellow but calls advantage, and before there is a chance to give the second yellow that player scores a goal then does the goal count? How do u proceed

  5. omfg in all of sports video review is ruining the game. the point of video review is to end the controversy yet it sparks even more controversy! the only time video review is ever useful is to see if the clock expired before the shot or if the ball was snapped before the end of the quarter (which is irrelevant to soccer) not to see if something is offsides (hockey fans can relate) or a foul! you're literally looking at the contact ref can't not call it then go review and say well lookie here, now you're just being an ass. If you have that big of an issue calling things in real time then maybe you should consider changing rules…

  6. I'm truly ashamed to be a fan of this league if thats how we are going to use VAR. I respect Orlando's decision not to appeal it, but I can't say i agree with it. And why the hell is the league letting this Simon Borge guy say he backs up the decision? Its the biggest mistake I've ever seen in a football match. The refereeing crew should be suspended.

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