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Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn Full Highlights (HD)

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WBO Welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao takes on Australian Jeff Horn in ‘The Battle of Brisbane’. The fight proved to be an exciting clash but ultimately lead to a controversial outcome.



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28 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn Full Highlights (HD)

  1. hoy mga tanga ito intindihin nyo yan nba ang pinag mlaki nyo na jeff horn d malinis lumaban horn try to fight manny pacquiao no dirty fight tingnan ntin kung mananalo yan pac you horn tanina mo

  2. Manny let this young guy get with him LOL!!!!!! He need to retire. I know Floyd got a kick out of this. This fight was so ugly. 2 guys throwing wild as hell the whole time LOL!!!

  3. Manny has been the greatest boxer I have ever known. I don't care what the judges say about Manny not winning because he won in my philippino heart…

    And now let's talk about Horn. He is a freaking dirty playing cheater. He plays this certain sport and he trained for it. He should know how to play I mean Pac did better than he did. Horn does not deserve to win. Round 9 is exciting and it's my favourite round and I think you know why but if you don't then it's because Pac beats the life out of Horn.

    Now about the judges. If horn clearly cheated and played like a pig then why the heck do you let him win? This is what is being talked about on the Internet the most and that is why didn't Pac win? Clearly these judges need to stop choosing sides and play fairly. Unless they need glasses to see what really is going on. Now if there is another fight with Pac in it and he does not win because of drama going on about cheating or judging wrong or whatever then I am done with life. It just clearly does not make sense at all.

  4. Raging bull with two elbows , hard head , and judo to beat Manny pacquiao .Not with standing the Judges too old to see the fast hands of pacquiao and the biased referee who did not deduct horn for repeated headbutting !!! What Is going on ?

  5. Amazing fight I heard that Jeff horn Bullied Pacquiao and it was a one sided fight but I see that it was not one sided Jeff won no doubt but manny gave a great fight both fought very well

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