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Michelle Wie Makes Her Own Lane in Golf

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The meteoric rise of child prodigies almost always comes with a fall, but what happens after that? For Michelle Wie, the last few years have meant building a fulfilling life and letting go of the pressure of being the “next big thing.” A refreshed outlook has resulted in her playing the best golf of her career with some of the limelight in the rear view. In this episode of Sitdowns, we caught up with the 27-year-old golf veteran to discuss the weirdest part of being famous at 13, listening to Migos on her off days, and her pride in being nerdy.

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28 thoughts on “Michelle Wie Makes Her Own Lane in Golf

  1. Michelle Wie has awesome beauty and talent, and she's learned to manage both. Her kind of looks makes guys drool, but it causes women to be jealous. Her looks and abilities on the golf course bring her lots of attention and money, but it also makes her competitors jealous. She has everything she could want – even custom, inscribed wedges, but she has a lot to deal with. Drooling, horny guys and hateful witches can be so overwhelming that you can lose yourself.
    Being gifted is a strange thing. You're different, you're highly visible, and you're not superwoman everyday. You have a gift, but it's almost a curse. It's clear from this video that Michelle realizes that life is neither the celebration of a beer commercial, nor the fantasy of a perfume commercial. It's more like a round of golf where some clubs are working better than others. You get 18 holes to find out what is working and what's not, and then, you make the best of it.
    It sounds from this interview that Michelle knows she has to work out and practice to maintain her skills, but she has the sense to lay back and enjoy the special life she has been gifted with. Hit the cut, make the putt, and enjoy the roses smell after it rains. It won't last forever as Paula Creamer and Morgan Pretzel can attest; so, make it good and make it last; then, be prepared to walk away and start a new adventure.

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