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31 thoughts on “New Mexico suspends hair pulling soccer player USA News FOX Sports

  1. this chick is fuckin hot the sexiest i've ever shes my dream bitch, i would would sex with her and her vagina all night! Vagina, what? vagina what? i wanna have sex with her vagina!

  2. Wow, that's poor referieng. The fouls qualifies for three obvious red cards, and at least a couple of yellow ones, and she still where able to finish on the field!?

  3. It is true that #7 and #21 on BYU played dirty, the Reality of Sports is that the one who Retaliates always goes into the box.

    Basically, #15 is a blockhead and wouldn't know subtlety if it hit her in the head.

  4. And I'm saying that, perhaps, if she had not retaliated in such a manner, she would not have overshadowed the other incidents and the other players would have gotten the boot and not her.

  5. my comment was about the bias and inaccuracy of the reporting, not the appropriateness of the actions being reported, which can not fairly be judged based on this report

  6. Typical pathetic and bias news reporting. There is no mention of #7 Carlee Payne elbowing Lambert in the stomach before she is punched in the back. And there is no mention of #21 Kassidy C. Shumway grabbing and pulling Lamberts pants before her hair is pulled. # 12 and #7 are the only two players from BYU involved in the other embellished incidents.

  7. That girl has some mental problems. Most of the stuff happened off the ball so maybe it went unseen but the ref and her coach should have been suspended too if there's any proof they saw this going on.

  8. There's no excuse for her actions.
    She should be expelled ! In fact with these videos, the other girls could and should file lawsuits against her and the school (if nothing is done to her). Suspending her from playing, and practicing isn't enough. That's just ridiculous! What are we teaching our kids. "If we're losing the game, strike out at our opponent?" Oh, and I did see the elbow strike. Suspension is warranted for her. But for Ms. Lambert, she took it to another level.

  9. BYU started this (with the elbow) and Lamber finished it…big-time. Same thing goes on in the NBA, NFL and to some extent in MLB, with pitchers throwing at opposing players, all the time.
    And to "tweekscratch"…elbows are "allowed? WTF? Yeah, right…just like blocking below the waist into a guy's knee is allowed…ummm, no, no it's not.
    Maybe Lamer should have shown more control…but I bet you BYU doesn't start that crap again.

  10. dante144 – elbows are allowed. Lamber was punching and pulling hair. pretty clearly against the rules. same with tripping. why the refs didnt eject her is odd. You'd think this was British Soccer or something. Just need a riot after the game.

  11. If you look close, she was assaulted first in the two main instances. In the hair pulling the girl with the ponytail grabs at her pants and violently wrenches them up, from the crotch! And the other girl clearly elbows her first.

    I mean I don't condone anything and we only saw bits of it… but all the girls are acting violently.

  12. WTF this girl needs to go to anger management she should be kicked off the team. if that bith did one of those things to me id yell at the referee to give her a red card and if she did i'd take that bitch down before she even saw me coming.

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