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NFL Punters Compete Head-To-Head | Kohl’s Kicking

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Professional American football punters from NFL teams compete in a friendly competition during a yearly training session with National Kicking Coach Jamie Kohl () just before their teams’ respective preseason training camp. The following pro punters appear in the football highlight:

Thomas Morstead (New Orleans Saints)
Tim Masthay (Green Bay Packers)
Marquette King (Oakland Raiders)
Matt Darr (Miami Dolphins)
Pat O’Donnell (Chicago Bears)
Ryan Quigley (New York Jets)
Joe Gardener (International Rugby Pro)
Cody Mandell (GB Packers 2015)
Kip Smith (Philadelphia Eagles 2015)
Brett Hartmann (Houston Texans ’11-’12)

Kohl’s Kicking Camps is America’s No.1 camp for the training and exposure of kickers, punters and snappers at the high school, collegiate and NFL levels. See why:

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5 thoughts on “NFL Punters Compete Head-To-Head | Kohl’s Kicking

  1. Give it about 3 years and Alabama’s punter JK Scott will be in these videos
    with a few of these punter or all of them if they haven’t retired by then

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