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Oakland Raiders LB Khalil Mack #5 Outta Top 100 NFL Players + 2016 Highlights

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30 thoughts on “Oakland Raiders LB Khalil Mack #5 Outta Top 100 NFL Players + 2016 Highlights

  1. He honestly could go down as one of the greatest of all time if he keeps playing like he has. I'm so glad that Buffalo chose Watkins. I was so worried they wouldn't and then Oakland would have chosen Watkins instead of Mack. Thank you Buffalo!

  2. Just like the BlackHole, can be a Nightmare to all Opposing Teams. It can Also be a Fun, loving, and exciting place for our team. You can see the energy and love!! "OAKLAND" has for our Raiders!!!

  3. 52 seconds in (what a coincidence lol) i love how Autry & Edwards looking at Mack as he's expressin his love for the game.. you could tell they see how great that man is. that shit is extra motivational for them to do they jobs.

  4. So glad all those people talking shit for 10 years will never get to sport the Silver and Black without getting laughed at by real Raider fans. Don't let those pussies put on the jersey

  5. I'll be honest, during the 2014 NFL Draft, I wanted the Raiders to draft a WR. The player on my mind was Mike Evans. The Raiders drafted Khalil Mack instead. I hated the pick. I thought it wasn't something we needed and thought Mack was going to be a decent player at most. It wasn't until the 2014 preseason against Green Bay that Mack had 3 sacks. At that point I feel in loved with Mack and I was proven so wrong. Mack show why he was worth the pick and why he is beast. Mack is now my favorite player on the team. I even got bought his jersey after years of Raiders 1st round bust like McFadden, McCain, and Russell. Mack is a true leader and a awesome guy that is perfect for our team. So glad he is on our team.

  6. You guys feel that? All these years of being faithful are starting to pay off. As long as they stay healthy, the sky is the limit .. Win, lose or tie, RRRaiderrrsss till I die!!!

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