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Odell Beckham Jr. Suffers Leg Injury | Giants vs. Browns (Preseason) | NFL

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New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. makes the grab, but takes a hard hit to the knee and leaves the game early. The New York Giants face off against the Cleveland Browns in Week 2 of the 2017 NFL Preseason.

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37 thoughts on “Odell Beckham Jr. Suffers Leg Injury | Giants vs. Browns (Preseason) | NFL

  1. Looked normal to me, he hit him low but that's what they teach these DB's to do now. No more head hunting. Although most recievers have said repeatedly that they'd rather be hit high than low

  2. People have such short memory smh
    Beckham does an INTENTIONAL ruthless HEAD to HEAD collision from several yards away on Norman, no one cares and has his back.
    This guy mistimes his tackle or goes a little too low with no reckless intent and he's the bad guy.
    So many hypocritical people.
    Can't stand this overhyped, overrated drama queen

  3. Can't go too high where the helmets might hit. Now people don't want you to go low to risk a knee injury. Seriously people this is a COLLISION sport! Should they just take away defenses and let the offenses take turns driving the ball down the field without any opposition. These players are aware of the risks that they take. That's why they have insurance. It's like watching boxing and complaining someone hit too hard. Stop being snowflakes and enjoy the PHYSICAL game or go watch soccer and leave this sport alone!

  4. 1) Like my coach used to tell me as a QB:
    – Throw it on the number! This pass was way too high by Eli.
    2) Like my coach used to tell me as a WR:
    – Don't jump for the ball when it isn't necessary, because when you'll get hit, you will get hit hard and it will hurt. This time there was no other choice as the pass was high.

  5. As a Giants fan that hit was legal.. Please end the preseason . Add 2 more regular season games.. This league is so greedy and the players union needs to stand up and say we will not play 4 preseason games.

  6. When did going at a player's mid section and wrapping up go outta style…? DBs and LBs act like they have to led with their shoulder and since they can't head hunt they go for a player's legs… It's one extreme or another… All the area between the neck and thigh and they continuously aim for the head or knee and below… I kinda understand going low on a player much larger who you know will shrug off a thigh tackle but obj is a finesse player… He went to his knees in the back probably to keep from screaming in anger… Sh*t is ridiculous… Football is fun to watch but I'd damned if I'd push my child to play… It's not worth it….

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