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Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators. 2017 NHL Playoffs. Stanley Cup Final. Game 4. (HD)

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Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators. 2017 NHL Playoffs. Stanley Cup Final. Game 4. (HD)

NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 4 Highlights 2017.

Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins Game 4 Highlights.

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41 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators. 2017 NHL Playoffs. Stanley Cup Final. Game 4. (HD)

  1. I didn't realize you could just randomly stop play to review whether the puck crossed the line. Wonder if the NHL sounded the horn or was it the Preds. Kind of a dirty move if the home team's able to randomly stop play…

  2. Preds fans beating up a wrecked car?!?… can't imagine where in Tennessee they found a junk car. probably in the front yard of the numerous double wide trailers, along with the toilet flower planters. the nhl needs rednecks like the US population needs syphilis. oh, country music, my dog got ran over, my wife left me, and my pickup truck broke down…GO PENS…real hockey!!!

  3. penguins will prevail don't you idiots remember when the pens got crushed in game 6 against the caps dominated game 7 and lost game 6 against Ottawa and won game 7 don't worry pens play best with there backs against the wall everyone will show up in game 5

  4. Why didn't Crosby go around the net? In hindsight it looks bad, but if he wrapped around and gotten to that loose puck, it would have been tied at 2-2. It's still a great chance, though.

  5. I need Nashville predators to win, I live in Nashville and all the teams dedicated to this city sucks. Titans are not good, Grizzlies loses a lot, now I'm depending on the predators. DONT FAIL ME!

  6. It's almost mid-June and these pussies are still playing hockey. They play 30 minutes max, which is broken up by intermissions, play stoppages and the fact they only play for a minute tops each shift. Plus the minute or so they have to spend chirping at each other like a bunch of children every fucking time the play stops. And they can only handle doing this every three days? There isn't room on the entire internet to list the types of athletes who are tougher than these snowflakes.

  7. did your team win 4 cups in 50 years …didn't think so Chicago Boston or Detroit fans it took you guys 91 (89 if you count the lockouts) years to win yours we did it in HALF the time
    Montreal and Toronto fans sit the fuck down with your old league cups nobody counts either

    Pittsburgh Penguins are the OVERALL most successful team in NHL history sorry but its the truth or least amount of time to reach AND STAY at greatness

    its not preds fans its the pens haters I hate well be back don't worry

  8. Its so clear that the league is pushong the penguins to win the cup again. Tim and Sid had a great feature on how the refs are ignoring penalties that Pittsburgh commit. Then, they prnalize the other team for the exact same thing.
    I hate to even entertain the thought that the league would do something that dirty but man theres alot of evidence. Not to mention the fact that the league is a product/business by definition; not a sport or an entertainment outlet .

  9. The Pens should really rethink the whole Matt Murray is our future thing. He has a very very weak glove side and that's being exposed by the Preds. It's the first time he's been really exposed as having a weakness. For a goalie to have a weak glove is really a glaring deficiency.

  10. I didn't realize just how offensively talented Nashville's Big 4 on D was until these playoffs. We know about Subban being a huge offensive threat but Elkhom, Ellis and Jossi are darn good too.

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