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Ravens GM Denies Owner Is Blocking Colin Kaepernick Signing | First Take | ESPN

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First Take discusses Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome denying that owner Steve Bisciotti is blocking a Colin Kaepernick signing.

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28 thoughts on “Ravens GM Denies Owner Is Blocking Colin Kaepernick Signing | First Take | ESPN

  1. Where is Tom Joyner we need to find out who the sponsors are for the NFL  and boycott them Budweiser, Anheuser Busch, Under Armor,  Papa Johns, McDonalds, Verizon, Frito-Lay. Our money has power. There is a list just Google NFL sponsors.

  2. Stephen A. Smith is a straight up sukca. You are just one of those dudes that every group seems to have that thinks he knows everything.. So what he didn't vote, in all honesty , that shit doesn't make a difference anyway because nobody is going to do anything for the hood anyway. No I vote, and am a veteran also, but as a black man I don't believe any of it makes a difference anyway. But this dude just uses his platform to force his views on everybody as if he is always right. Man you either are with your people or not.. And Ray Lewis is a coon ass sucka too!!!!

  3. Enough.With.Politics. I am sick and tired of hearing this. Black people will never be satisfied, we all live in America. Therefore, we are all privileged.

    I am an immigrant, my father at one point was homeless for months. Now we live in the nicest part of town. Quit with the race baiting.

  4. let's be honest on the reason nobody wants to sign him is because he stood up and he said he is tired of seeing police officers killing unarmed black men and he did not want to stand for the national anthem last check this is America freedom of speech it is not right this man deserves a job he is a good football player

  5. Collin Kaepernick sucks. He was a flash in the pan and is now only a distraction. He is the equivalent of fucking an ugly chick you know has herpes. Nothing good is going to come of it. It's not going to do anything for you and you still get the baggage. And Michael Sam just sucked. How is that goofy bastard still relevant?

  6. Will no longer be a supporter of the Baltimore Ravens. 20 years down the drain, I understand the owner doesn't want to "damage" the brand but this is hypocrisy due to the fact that we once housed a "murderer" so to say. In fact Kap not only is a better backup, but he could possible out perform FLACCO, don't believe me watch the games and look at the stats. I am flat out tired of this race issue and I'm no longer standing for it.

  7. If you like to slap a female upside the head, Drink and do drugs that the NFL provide for you or weed, then come on down to sign up to play for the NFL. Remenber, the NFL will give you more money just as long as you DON'T speak up about black issues.

    So remember, the NFL cares…. but only if you shut up and play and care about shit we tell you to care about.

  8. Wtf he can't be forced on a team! But if he was white he would've been taken off the board first free agent week an took comparisons with the likes of Steve Young, Joe Montana, Micheal Vick bitch ass and many more!?!?! This is bullshit he's being black balled but we can't force nobody to sign him.

  9. What is hidden comes out to the light. What we are seeing is the hypocrisy in this nation. Mr. Kaepernick practiced his right. He didn't murder another man or beat a woman unconscious. Give this man a job, and if he doesn't produce release him.

  10. I've been reading comments from football fans since Kaepernick took his first kneel down on 9-1-16. Probably 95% were disgusted and appalled with his provocative and blatant disrespect towards America. So if any team signs him, no question their fan base and revenue will sink faster than the Titanic did. Wait and see.

  11. Kap didn't do anything wrong he however plays a game which happens to be his job and also means he has a right to say and do as he pleases but so do the employer's that hire him. His right to protest is protected bye the constitution but so is the right to hire him or not. Also all you hear is that kap is beging black balled because of his protest. However his protest came while he was playing football that is his job he choose to take that stage to make his protest but I don't watch football to see politicians or activist we watch football to escape that his opinion his his and he has ever right to it but on Sunday he is a football player. His job is football and if I had any say weather is player played for me or not I would not want them doing anything except football during that time. He can be a activist, out out any opinion he wants as long as it's not during football. If I want to Dr protest and politics, I'll turn on CNN or the news but,no job on Sunday is to play football. That's all I'm saying

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