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Recovery session after La Liga opener

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After overcoming Real Betis by a 2-0 margin on Sunday in their La Liga opener, FC Barcelona’s players were back on the training field for a recovery session this morning. Thus, the preparation begins in ernest for Saturday’s trip to Medizorrotza to face Alavés (6.15pm CET).
The session comprised all the available first-team members to Ernesto Valverde, as well as Ezkieta from Barça B. Andrés Iniesta was able to join in the exercises, and the Blaugrana stars wished Aleix Vidal a happy birthday.
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41 thoughts on “Recovery session after La Liga opener

  1. Semedo and Umtiti were great – Semedo reminds me of Abidal and pique should learn from Umtiti. It's 2017 and we still using Mascherano as defender, yes he's a true gladiator and that tackle was beauty. But we still need a great defender ASAP. Roberto deserves Xavi's spot. I rather see Denise instead of Deulofeu. Where the hell is Rafinha!!!
    One week until the transfer is close and yet these assholes of directors and president still doing nothing!!

  2. Barca should consider looking to the young French forward….Anthony martial. He's only 21 with bags of experience in BPL and ligue 1. He lit up the premier league his first year and will be only 65-80 mill since one bad season were he was benched for no reason! Did I mention his magical dribbling/pace power/two footed players would be perfect for the vacant wing spot (2 goals, 2 assists in 35 minutes of action this season already, say no more) LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  3. Forget about Coutinho. Liverpool will not let him leave, stop wasting your time and move on. Sign Dembele already. Dortmund allows him to go. Other than the fact that we need him, he has been through so much shit because of us. 150m or whatever we have to sign him at all cost.
    And Jean Seri is the other name we need in our team. He is open for sale and costs 40m, all we gotta do is pay the money which we have plenty.
    These 2 players are waiting for us to sign them. They're young, talented and perfect for our team.
    When we sign them we'll have too many players and we will need to sell some of them. You know who already.
    Last but not least the board HAS TO GO no matter what. Even if they do sign Dembele and Seri. They've destroyed and continuing to destroy our club, the club that we all love. Bartomeu and his board are using Barça for their personal gains. We can't wait for 2021, they have to go, NOW.
    Visca el Barça!

  4. Still waiting for new signing, Robert ego Fernandez wtf only 10 days left. So incompetent cancer board. We're still waiting for Dembele and Serri or (Coutinhio) we should sign WC centerback too. INCOMPETENT BOARD OUT.

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