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Roger Federer v Marin Cilic highlights – Wimbledon 2017 final

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This is the official YouTube page of The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships), home of Wimbledon. The Championships 2017 will run from 3 July – 16 July.

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35 thoughts on “Roger Federer v Marin Cilic highlights – Wimbledon 2017 final

  1. How did a blister suddenly popped up halfway into the match? Faulty footwear or what? Certainly there was no mention of any injury sustained during the match with Muller … except, maybe, fans slamming those endless bouts of ball bouncing. What was actually reported on the eve of the final was that Cilic’s coach, Jonas Bjorkman, had ordered him ‘ to adopt a meaner persona’ to better confront Roger Federer. No mention whatsoever of ‘blister’ . Bjorkman would have been the first to know about it. Tomic was heavily fined, not for inordinately bouncing the ball before serve, nor for sobbing when falling one match behind, but for speaking his mind about himself. Let’s hope Cilic doesn’t start a new trend. Only small boys break into tears when they fail to get what they want.

  2. So happy to see Federer lift that trophy once again for the first time in 5 years. Feels only like yesterday I watching the 2012 final against Murray, and to do it for the first time without dropping a set, wow, what a performance to win his 19th Grand Slam and 8th Wimbledon title in order to break the shared record he had with Sampras. This is exactly one of the reasons why Federer always will remain my favourite Tennis player and one of my biggest idols, because while most players show signs of decline or inconsistency after 30 years of age, and while players like Sampras retired early, Federer just somehow manages to find a way back to the top of his game after a struggle (who would have guessed after his struggles last year he would do what he has done this year) and prove that age can be just a number even if he cant play at his best as consistently in every surface as he did during his younger years (evidenced by him skipping the whole Clay season, and his losses to Donskoy and Haas). At the same time, while we cherish Federer's win, we have to feel for Cilic because he struggled with that foot injury and was emotionally overwelmed by the occasion, being his first Wimbledon final and facing Federer of all people in the final but it was still a good run for him. Anyway, so happy to witness a great summer of Tennis already with Nadal winning his 10th French Open title and Federer winning his 8th Wimbledon title. If Federer plays in this form for a few more years, I can definitely see him either rivalling or breaking Jimmy Connors two records of having the most match wins (1256 match wins) and most ATP titles (109 ATP titles).

  3. Cilic didn't even want to win though, literally no heart shown. Disgrace. Querry would've done better. Can't take anything away from this man though, probably the best of all time. Seeing Cilic's lack luster effort is just upsetting. Congrats Fed.

  4. Now every player should try to play a limited schedule focusing more on majors esp the likes of Kyrgios, Novak, Andy, Cilic, Thiem, Zverev it will give them the best chance of winning 7 straight matches…..Then let's see where it would lead us to…….otherwise Federer will have an unfair advantage over the others come a major!

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