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44 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Stan Wawrinka – Australian Open 2017 SemiFinals (highlights HD)

  1. Fed has Stan figured out. He makes him run so he can't get his feet into position and rip it left and right. Then when Stan hits a weak shot, Fed attacks the net and Stan can't do anything. Stan's strategy is simple, hit left and right and blow Federer off court. Meanwhile Fed's backhand drive has become almost, if not as good as Stan's and is able to go blow for blow against both him and especially Nadal.

  2. lets be real every single real fed fan thought we was nearing the end at various stages of career (me included). But the fact that he kept rejuvenating his tactics and tweaking his game to stay right there at the top shows that he is the greatest of all time. Almost all players once they are out of their athletic prime start to fade playing their same style but dwindling slowly. Roger showed that in his absolute prime, he was the greatest of all time, but once out of that prime, proved that he was the most versatile player of all time, adapting his game to his athletic level, further cementing his status as the greatest to ever do it

  3. I wanna know how Federer suddenly got this surge of energy to play so aggressive and dominant at the age of 30+… He beat guys like Nishikori and Stan which are much younger and higher in the rankings. I am more than impressed, Mr Federer _

  4. I am surprised by Rodger's level at 35 years now. I think he made progress on serve and with his backhand which strikes very early. It's unbelivable. Perhaps he can play again as Connors did. Even if he talked about his retirement at Olympic games of Rio in 2016, he's still people dreaming. He was the best at Melboune with difficullts opponents: Nishikori, Stan, Berdych and also his better enemy on court Rafa. What are his motivations? He's a father, he's got money and fans? So why? He goes on to make sacrifices for compétitions.I think he loves the glory and his life style. How far he 'll win titles, nowbody knows.

  5. i am surprised to see that aussies have brain enough for understanding tennis. aussies are bastards people .australia a bastard nation a britannic colony……benoit from London.

  6. not only that. …….but Nadal might be the only player in the open era to do the carrer slam twice……not to mention how much time Nadal has lost to injury……if rafa wins tomorrow……there is not doubt in my mind that he's the greatest player ever.

  7. Congrats to Nadal on his 15th slam! Federer is 0-3 at Australiaon against him, and 2-6 in grandslam finals overall. Only beat him in 06 and 07 Wimbledons. Wish he could get 18 but he got the the 1 opponent who is the most likely to stop him. Too bad too, Nadal hasn't been past quarterfinals in almost three years and he happens to reach the final same time as Federer comes back.

  8. isch scho schwirig gsi "Hopp Schwiitz" z'säge.
    Ja, mini Frau chunt us de Wälsch-CH und ich bin Dütsch-CHer. Sie isch für de Stan gsi und ich für de Roger. Aber mier händ eus nöd zerstritte, mier sind immer no zäme "lach".
    Isch en würkli geile Match gsi.
    Jetzt mues de Roger nur no de Rafa schlaa und dänn hät er de 18ti.

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