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Rookie Quarterback Power Rankings | Good Morning Football | NFL Network

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The Good Morning Football crew ranks the rookie quarterbacks based on their preseason performance heading into Preseason Week 3.

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43 thoughts on “Rookie Quarterback Power Rankings | Good Morning Football | NFL Network

  1. None of these qbs should be worried about stepping in and starting if I'm not mistaken the QBs drafted this year were not meant to step in and start they were picked with the intention of developing them bit it seems like the analysts here aren't aware that these guys are projects and it is best to develop these players than it is to have them start from day one. Also did one of these analysts call the 49ers defense a "tough defense"?

  2. My ranking would be trubisky, kizer slightly above mahomes betheard, peterman Watson. Strictly from NFL performance. Mitch hasn't played against 1s yet if I'm correct. Kizer and mahomes did decent to good against 1's.

  3. Cooper rush aint got mentioned again? He just nailed another perfect performance, QBR and passer rating. He's looked flawless so far and has been making it look easy with 3rd string players and so little limited amount of snaps. Just cuz he doesn't have a competing chance for the starting spot it means you should keep him outa this conversation bc so far he looks more pro ready then all the other rook QBs

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