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Russell Westbrook’s Top 10 Plays of the 2016-2017 NBA Season

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Check out the Top 10 Plays from this season’s MVP and all time single season triple double record holder, Russell Westbrook!

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41 thoughts on “Russell Westbrook’s Top 10 Plays of the 2016-2017 NBA Season

  1. – Averages a Triple Double
    – Won the MVP
    – Led OKC, a team whos 2nd best player is Victor Oladipo, to the 6th seed, in a crowded western conference.
    – Breaks the Big Os record of 41 triple doubles, a record thought by even the greatest to be impossible to break.

    Yet haters still find ways to hate. Smh

  2. First, y'all gonna sit there and tell me that James Harden is better than this man? Stop it. And second, y'all gonna sit there and tell me that Steph Curry is better than this man? FOH.

  3. The stat ladder argument is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. So what if he is a "stat padder" so do you want him to do in that situation? Just don't pass the ball? Don't bother rebounding? Don't score as much? He took a Bad team to the playoffs pretty much by himself and without Russ and those triple doubles OKC would have easily been in the bottom 3 of the west.

    LeBron James – 25.1 points 7.2 rebounds 6.7 assists 1.1 steals 0.5 blocks (55 FG% 34 3FG% 70 FT%)
    Kevin Durant – 26.1 points 8.5 rebounds 5.1 assists 1.2 steals 1.7 blocks (52 FG% 39 3FG% 91 FT%)
    Kawhi Leonard – 28.1 points 6.9 rebounds 4.2 assists 2.0 steals 0.9 blocks (48 FG% 40 3FG% 90 FT%)
    Russell Westbrook – 28.9 points 8.9 rebounds 11.1 assists 1.8 steals 0.3 blocks (44 FG% 32 3FG% 87 FT%)
    Stephen Curry – 26.4 points 4.3 rebounds 6.3 assists 1.9 steals 0.2 blocks (48 FG% 43 3FG% 90 FT%)
    James Harden – 32.2 points 7.2 rebounds 6.5 assists 1.4 steals 0.5 blocks (46 FG% 38 3FG% 86 FT%)
    Anthony Davis – 27.2 points 12.1 rebounds 2.6 assists 1.8 steals 3.1 blocks (52 FG% 32 3FG% 80 FT%)
    John Wall – 25.4 points 4.8 rebounds 11.1 assists 2.2 steals 0.8 blocks (46 FG% 35 3FG% 82 FT%)
    DeMarcus Cousins – 25.7 points 10.3 rebounds 4.6 assists 1.3 steals 1.1 blocks (45 FG% 37 3FG% 79 FT%)
    Giannis Antetukoumpo – 25.1 points 9.1 rebounds 6.2 assists 1.9 steals 2.1 blocks (52 FG% 29 3FG% 79 FT%)

    Kawhi Leonard will win MVP. John Wall and James Harden will also be in the running and Stephen and Kevin will take votes away from each other / Warriors will win 71 games, Magic will win 22 games / James Harden and Damian Lillard will lead the league in scoring

  5. Lets forget about the triple doubles . Okc was the 28th ranked offense in the nba with russ off the court … with him on the court they were a t5 ranked offense …. okc was the worst ranked 3point shooting team in the nba , meaning westbrook played with no space , he still managed to avg 10 asst … okc players shot 30% on open 3s westbrook gave them westbrook was statistically the clutchest player in the nba this year , he had the highest PER in the 4th quarter previously held by lebron in 2008-2009 russ also has the most clutch time makes , pts , PER , +- in the past 20 years with a PER in clutch time of 52.4 highest in nba history since jordan in 1997 finals russ also shoots 45% in clutch time (t2 in the nba on minimum 100 attempts )and he shoots his highest percentage in the 4th , russ also shoots 49.6% in the final 3min of a game only 2nd behind lebron who shoots 52% in final 3min , westbrook is also t4 in assist and t2 in steals in clutch time

  6. On the all star game Adam silver should add the "Air Jordan" 1 on 1 tournament

    Rules:Make it take it, Games to 15 championship game to 21 have to win by 2, players have to be a all star this year or last year fans vote seeds, 3 rounds 8 players, if players airball or hit the backboard they have to go back to the 3 point line, participants get $250,000 winner gets $1,000,000

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