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Steelers vs. Patriots | AFC Championship Game Highlights

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The Patriots defeated the Steelers in the 2016 AFC Championship to advance to Super Bowl 51.

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42 thoughts on “Steelers vs. Patriots | AFC Championship Game Highlights

  1. Miami Dolphins
    New England Patriots
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Baltimore Ravens
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Washington Redskins
    Baltimore Ravens
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Buffalo Bills
    New England Patriots

  2. The number of dropped passes and soft undisciplined defense is sickening. If I was coach T I would have this playing in the locker room on repeat every day.

  3. watching this game you can imagine Hogan  and cooks and gronk edleman or mitchel  not to menton 3 reciveing running backs  going be good year and defence secondary is solid teams will have to play come back on a brutal high scoreing offence and  limited to a run game to do it with

  4. more low lights than high for Pitt and if the D back field isn't fixed it'll be the same thing again and again All the weapons in the world won't win games if the D can't stop the pass or the run

  5. I'm a Steelers fan, but it just seems like it's going to be the same exact narrative every season, and it's getting old. Tired of hearing how the Steelers are supposed to be this Super Bowl contending team every year and have the best odds but either end up as 5th/6th seed or just barely clinching their division, but just happen to get the 3rd seed because the afc south is absolute garbage. The trolls at can say what they want, but Ben is right for making the retirement comments. I seriously envy Patriots fans for being able to head into a week where the team is playing a bad team but not have to worry about them losing. The losses against Philly, Miami, and even the Cowboys were just downright uncalled for. I feel bad for any Packers fans here, because you guys are going through the same thing.

  6. but lets be serious… how many of of us are lit on coke/steroids? Pats are known for cheating so who know if theyre on neither(probably roids lol, Brady had to flate his balls eitherway)

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