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20 thoughts on “Tennis Greatest Match Ever [HD]

  1. Nadal played two of the greatest matches of his career back to back in order to win the Australian Open in 2009. I have no clue where Rafa found the energy to win the 5 setter against Federer after that gruelling 5 setter with Verdasco. His mental fortitude and determination is what makes him my all time favourite athlete.

  2. I really see this match as rafas greatest ahievement but his downfall as wel – he won this aus open at the expense of his knees- his cost to beat federer was his body.

  3. See how different every point is here; you can never be bored when you watch these two, that's what the game lacks nowadays on the big stages, with Murray and Djokovic you see the same point repeating over and over.

  4. Wawrinka-Djokovic AO 2013

    Unsurpassed in outrageous shot making, mental toughness and the sustained level of quality even in the late 5-th set.

    Nadal-Federer's matches have other outside things like chasing history, their rivalry, etc that have influenced the legacy of their most famous matches.

    In terms of pure quality, AO 2013 is better.

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