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The Golf Club 2: First Look Trailer | PS4

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Take a look inside The Golf Club 2, the upcoming sequel to the highly acclaimed, hugely popular sports game, The Golf Club. With a load of new and improved features including a Career Mode, enhanced Course Creator, competitive Societies, advanced swing mechanic, online tournaments, and more than 100,000 user-generated courses to play, The Golf Club 2 is the most authentic golf game ever created. Pre-order now to get exclusive content on Day One. Learn more at

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32 thoughts on “The Golf Club 2: First Look Trailer | PS4

  1. Looks interesting. Will it be robust against cheating? The one I play now is a great basic game but against cheating, it's to a point I can hardly be bothered getting better.

  2. Looks great except for the graphics. You should really consider switching the Unity graphics engine for a different one. I know it's very intuitive and easy to use but the bad, outdated graphics is something that is really putting me off from buying it. Get better graphics and you'll put EA Game's PGA Tour franchise permanently out of business.

  3. Looks nice but I just don't think any other golf game can compete against EA sports golf. Rory Mcilroy PGA tour started pretty crappy but the new updates and added courses have really made it a solid game.

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