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The Greatest Comeback in Football History | NFL NOW

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It was a 28-3 blowout and the game was all but over… until it wasn’t. Starting with 8:36 left in the 3rd Quarter, relive the greatest comeback in the history of football: Super Bowl LI.

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35 thoughts on “The Greatest Comeback in Football History | NFL NOW

  1. The Greatest Comeback in Football History? Hmmm I was pretty sure this was going to be about how the Vikings came back from being down 23-0 with only 8 minutes to go on the road in Philadelphia in 1985 and won 28-23. Sure the Patriots came back from a slightly larger deficit (25), but their comeback started in the 3rd quarter, not with only 8 minutes to go, they had the benefit of the 2 point conversion (which didn't exist in 1985), and it still took overtime. Try scoring 4 TD's in 7 minutes in a hostile environment and inclement conditions and get back to me.

  2. That's funny, you could call this the greatest super bowl comeback but not the greatest ever. I love how the NFL disrespects the other great comebacks like the 32 comeback or the 21 point comeback with 4 minutes left. The 32 comeback was a playoff game in which the bills game back from a 35-3 with only a half left. And came back with a second string qb. And Manning's 21 point comeback with 4 minutes remaining in the game and they were facing an all time defensive unit Tampa bay, defending champs. Manning lead the offense to a 21 point comeback with 4 minutes remaining in the game, and won in ot 38-35. Note that the pats came back against a defensive unit that ranked 26th in the league, and the pats ranked first and only gave up 21 points, their defense was the key to the win, manning could only pray on an onside kick and one defensive stop in which he didn't have a stout defense.

  3. The Falcons embarrassed the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia. With the sorry sports history of that city and state–not to mention what General Sherman did back in 1864—that is saying a lot. I mean, this was an inexcusable loss!!!

  4. No matter what people say about Tom Brady and the Patriots you have to admit that comeback was amazing and incredible. Honestly right there that solidified Tom Brady's hall of fame career and will more than likely be the greatest quarterback the NFL will ever have. Like we can all hate the Patriots all we want but that comeback will hands down be the greatest of all time no matter what. Down 25 at the half and winning the super bowl in the first overtime in history come on!!!!

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