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Top 25 – Impossible Tries (With Commentary)

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Tries that defy gravity. A countdown of those special tries which cannot be replicated.
“impossible tries” “nrl tries” “greatest tries”
First song – “Arrival to earth” Transformers Theme
Second song- “Learn to fly” Foo Fighters

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44 thoughts on “Top 25 – Impossible Tries (With Commentary)

  1. I saw several problems:
    17: a bit hard to see because of bad definition but it seems that the contact between the ball and the hand is lost during a very short moment so it would not be a try.
    9: it seems that the right foot is a little on the line so no try.
    6: again, a foot on the line before the pass.
    3: before the pass, the player makes a knock-on so no try.

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