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Vince Young: Inside Former Rookie Of The Year’s NFL Fall, CFL Comeback | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

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Still invinceable? Former Titans rookie of the year quarterback Vince Young looks back on his tumultuous NFL past, his lowest points, and what caused him to try football again.
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Vince Young: Inside Former Rookie Of The Year’s NFL Fall, CFL Comeback | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

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19 thoughts on “Vince Young: Inside Former Rookie Of The Year’s NFL Fall, CFL Comeback | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

  1. it's a shame how TN did him. as a Redskins fan, i seem to see a similar route RG3 took as Vince. these teams have insurance policies in place to soften the blow in the case that these big gambles don't payoff, but the teams get trigger happy and cut the player before allowing them to rise back.

  2. You will never get me to say that Vince young was a bust, Evan though his stats aren't the greatest he wasn't given enough chances to succeed because his coach in Tennessee hated him and there wasn't enough talent for him in philly but other awful qb get loads of chances like mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick. The nfl is can just be horsh()t

  3. The dude blew through 26 million dollars of guaranteed money by 2012. He then gets a cushy job at his alma mater with a six-figure income and then gets a DUI. He's got no one to blame but himself.

  4. Vince Young is an idiot that pissed away what would have been a lucrative career. He's calling Ryan Fitzpatrick a garbage NFL QB. If Fitzpatrick is garbage and still in the league with teams still wanting him, what does that make him? And how does a guy sign a contract with $25.7M guaranteed end up filing bankruptcy?

  5. This guy has no clue. He's bashing other players like Fitzpatrick, yet Fitz was 10 times the QB this loser is.
    He's jealous of Fitz's 1 year 3 million dollar deal because he thinks he can play?
    Maybe if you weren't an absolute head case with mental problems you'd be playing, asshole!

  6. Houston should have drafted him. I'm sure he would have had a much better career. A lot of times players like Young don't work out because of the situation they are drafted in. If Tom Brady were to get drafted by the Browns I'm sure he would have never even made it to his 5th season.

  7. He's been released since this segment aired SMH the NFL is one big fraternity so it doesnt always boil down to skill, The Same people that can build you up can also bring you down. Its the ugly side of the business. Thats why its important to Save up your money while you got it because theres no guarantee what can happen.

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