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Why D’Angelo Russell WILL Be an ALLSTAR on the Nets

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D’Angelo Russell is going to be an NBA All Star, just watch
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36 thoughts on “Why D’Angelo Russell WILL Be an ALLSTAR on the Nets

  1. All I have to say is that one time D'Angelo was watching one of my videos during his Instagram live stream… So D'Angelo, if you're watching this, thank you for giving me a reason to watch Nets games next season!- Mike

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  3. Russell's defense is the worst guard in the league, that is why Lakes traded him, Russell is good on offense, but he is too lazy on defend, i had never seen a guard with that bad defend

  4. Bro us Laker fans know his potential and are sad about what happened and some of us(including me)feel like that even though Magic hasn't been here long he will most likely be another Phil Jackson as a President

  5. Unfortunately D'Angelo is going from a hugely successful franchise where you are constantly surrounded by former players and staff that have been there and won it. That valuable guidance is all gone now as he moves to a new team with absolutely no history of success. There's nobody to help him now, he is on his own and he will either sink or swim. Point guard is a very competitive position and he will need all the hard work you say he has to make an all star team.

  6. If you think about it now that lonzos on the west with like 12all star caliber PGs think about how many of those point guards do you think he would be better than plus how is magic gonna make such a quick decision with only 4 months as a president

  7. I hate when he talks about players "working hard" in the offseason. 1. How do you really know? 2. Reports, coaches, Themselves, etc always say a player they like works hard. 3. It's the fucking nba, all these fucking dudes work hard.

  8. just watch dangelo destroy for the nets for the next several years but then lonzo just sucks for the next several years. that would suck for the lakers

  9. This comparison to other players in their first two years is ridiculous. Remember Tyreke Evans and MCW? They had even better numbers and where are they now?

  10. I liked him when they drafted him, but then when i was at summer league and saw him play philly, that shot.. that buzzer beater in person..those ice in his veins made me obsess over this future superstar

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