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Worst tennis shots of ALL TIME

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The worst types of mistakes/misses/unforced errors in professional Tennis. Every single tennis player, pro or amateur, and even the greatest tennis players of our time can fizzle terribly in some moments. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have also failed countless times in some of the most basic shots. But they know failure is necessary and it’s the only way we can push ourselves further. If we want to become the best version of ourselves we have to constantly invest energy and extend our limits.

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35 thoughts on “Worst tennis shots of ALL TIME

  1. I mean, obviously people are gunna miss some net shots.. If your timing is even slightly off or of the ball lands in a marginally different spot on your racket than expected you can very well miss a shot that may seem easy.

  2. At 1:19, it wasn't even that bad of a shot, rather just a terrible decision. It is quite easy for someone to miss a two handed backhand volley shot. Some regard it as the toughest shot in all of tennis. In my opinion, tomic's was the worst

  3. I missed an easy volley last week, kind of like what Pospisil did. I just got too close to the net and took my eye off the ball and just missed it. I take comfort in the fact that the professionals are capable of similar blunders themselves from time to time.

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