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Year In Review 2016 Hot Shot Countdown

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Relive the most entertaining moments from the 2016 ATP World Tour season, as we count down the best Hot Shots, featuring Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

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22 thoughts on “Year In Review 2016 Hot Shot Countdown

  1. This video is honestly a step in the right direction. The majority of these points were stunning (though a few people seem to think a couple could be replaced this is mostly subjective).

    The video length is much more appropriate for tennis highlights, or just the YouTube platform in general.

    Hopefully you guys can keep it up. I imagine a lot of people looking to get into tennis come here first for inspiration. It's obviously in your interest to deliver!

  2. Ok so that's just the number 1 hot shot of each one of the M1000 + WTF. What about the GS and the smaller tournaments? And what if one of the M1000 got more than 1 amazing shot?

  3. Most of these were amazing points, but the two that don't belong here are the first one by Nadal: Djokovic should have put the overhead away in the first point.

    The second one is Murray's first point vs. Raonic. The 'half-volley' by Raonic was so, so terrible. Bounced like 10 feet, Murray had forever to run up to net and put the sitter away.

  4. I don't really care nor understand this list. There were about 20 unbelievable huge rips both fh and bh from Stan in the US Open alone. It would fill up this whole hot shot list. These are more like great gets imo

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